Sustainability in Sport

Sustaining sport and the natural environment.

Data-driven process


Strategic Planning

Sport organizations and events have many moving pieces all of which have an environmental impact. Assessing these various impacts can serve as a starting point to improve your environmental performance.

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Environmental Impact

There are many different environmental initiatives sport organizations can implement. The most challenging question is which ones to prioritize based on organizational priorities, returns on investment, and other stakeholder perspectives —not to mention how to bring these initiatives to scale and evaluate the success of your efforts.

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Stakeholder Engagement

A key aspect of any sustainability campaign is to engage your participants or spectators. This is important to improve sustainable behaviors among but also draw attention to corporate sponsors and drive revenues. We evaluate market segments to achieve organizational KPIs like social and financial ROIs.

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Play for our future

Sports practitioners — from professional leagues and intercollegiate athletics to marathon organizers and community leagues — play a pivotal role in translating the benefits discovered by our research into reality. Together, we have the opportunity to build a future that sustains both sport and the natural environment.